What We Do

Our focus is on Human Capital Management.  We advise and train your people using a broad spectrum of business disciplines.  Our programs are custom tailored to each client.  We help implement effective management controls designed to enhance productivity, improvement profits, increase job satisfaction and maximize process efficiency.

The strategic and tactical planning impacts leadership development, marketing, production, cost controls, purchasing and inventory.  We bring a strategic mindset to everything we do. 

 Our range of consulting services include:

 Human Capital Management

Leadership development, management development, supervisory training, customer care, Strategic thinking and business planning, sales and marketing development,

Profit Engineering

Cost and supply chain management, Growth strategies, Turn-around strategies, Sales and marketing, Cycle Time Reduction, Complexity reduction, Sales Channel Management

 Customer Service

Customer relationship analysis, Customer Management, Sales and Vendor and in -house departments, telecommunications and Internet redesign.


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