Wisk, National Cash Resister, Wheaties, Kleenex Tissues, Dixie Cups Kotex, Smirnoff Vodka, Jell-o, Green Giant, Lite Beer, 7-UP, Life Savers, Quaker Oats, Quaker State, Gerber Baby Food. Timex Watches, Pepsi-Cola, Wrigley Gum, Kraft Cheese Spreads. Aunt Jemima, Paper Mate Pens, Sherwin-Williams, Pampers, Bordenís Milk and Budweiser all made disastrous, near fatal mistakes AND THEN GOT IT RIGHT!    They found they right strategy to re-accelerate after being stopped almost dead in their tracks.

 If you want hands on inspiration backed by years of expertise; if you want YOUR PEOPLE to recognize and build their talents and aptitudes to develop solutions, thatís what we do. 

 Windhorse Corporation helps people in business accelerate.  We know how to help people identify and assimilate critical information fast.  We know how to measure successful implementation control systems that get the job done right.  We challenge, advise and train your people to look beyond the obvious and find the best solution. 

And we work with a money-back GUARANTEE.

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