Hands on, Value driven, Bottom Line Results™ 

Dr. Gary Arnold,CEO

Windhorse Corporation

Since 1988

Mark Twain said. "Even if you are on the right track, if you just sit there, someone will pass you by."  Windhorse Corporation provides client value through specialized expertise, content, behavioral and organizational development, skills and resources to accomplish bottom line performance results.  

Corporate Consulting   

We take a hands on, value driven, bottom line approach to organizational development, training, and consulting. We develop leaders who excite their teams, get the job done, and help people get excited about their results . 

Executive Coaching   

High Profile companies have high profile executives. Our Clients are seeking our broad based expertise in a wide variety of industrial environments. We have a knowledge that is largely experiential in strategic planning, marketing and sales, product launch, customer service, conflict resolution and presentation skills. And we have a passion for our clients who want to accelerate their personal and business success –on purpose.


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