Windhorse Corporation
Mission and Values

Windhorse Corporation is dedicated to being a southern leader in effective consulting, coaching and training practices.  We offer world-class service, productivity tools, and assessment services for organizations, teams and individuals.

 Our consulting clients are large, mid-sized and small sized companies, with a challenge and desire to grow.  Our coaching clients are professionals who want on-on-one assistance to advance their objectives. 

 We are dedicated to giving world-class service.  We are committed to giving each client, and every project our full attention.  We are prompt, efficient, and qualified.  We are committed to total client satisfaction. 

 We succeed by helping our client companies succeed; by developing the power of their workforce.  We believe people and business is purpose driven.  We believe personal, professional and corporate successes are a single process.  We value honesty, integrity, commitment, trust, respect and fun.  We seek clients who share our values. 


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