Ancient Wisdom, Modern Methods, Great Results™

 Windhorse Corporation is celebrating its 17th year as one of the most experienced business consulting/executive coaching firms in the south.  We focus on small to medium sized firms, as well as large companies through our affiliate network.   Since our founding in 1988, we have focused on results based leadership development.  Since its incorporation, Windhorse Corporation has maintained the vision of its founder, Dr. Gary Arnold. 

We assist our clients by developing and implementing in-depth, custom management control systems.  Then our Project Director and staff consultants work with your people, on site, designing ann effective action plan to implement a solution to each problem. 

 For businesses to sustain competitive advantage, growth is an imperative, not an option.  We work in a straightforward way to increase value, top-line revenue growth, cost reduction, and optimize organizational structure.  

1. We identify the problem. 

2. We identify an approach. 

 3.  We make recommendations.   

4.  We implement for results. 

 Windhorse helps companies find the next wave of growth.  Since 1988, we have been in the growth strategy business.  Let us help you define and develop your most profitable core business, develop business adjacencies that complement your core, and improve management execution that prioritizes your growth strategies. 

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