Windhorse Corporation and Dr. Gary Arnold offer Keynote Talks, 
Training, Development and Leadership programs. 

Our leadership development programs and keynote talks blend fast paced, interactive classroom instruction with extensive practical experience.  We focus on results and skills you can use on the job - instantly employing our reinforcement tools.  We train and entertain participants, reinforce skills and measure the impact.  Even though it's fun, we focus on results!  We use several learning approaches designed to meet the needs of the organization, the audience, and the task at hand.

New management skills, effective team leadership, proven process development and implementation are the results achieved.  Collaboration and reinforcement are the tools that maximize the knowledge and its application.

A Few of Our Training Programs and Keynote talks:

  • Managing Management Time

  • Power Memory
  • Selling Skills from the Heart
  • Body Language In Business
  • Understanding Quality: Total Quality Management
  • Effective Meeting Skills
  • Stress Management Skills
  • Paradoxical Thinking
  • Living Like Your Life Depended On It
  • Hot Metal Fusion (The Great Communicators are Changing)
  • Rainmaking: The Ultimate Marketing Seminar
  • Workplace Performance Excellence

  • Diversity

  • Customer Service

  • Business Ethics

  • Interviewing Techniques

  • CEO and Senior Management Training

  • Leadership Skills

  • Team Building

  • Matrix of Exceptional Time Management

  • Sales Cycle Change Management

  • Communication Skills for Senior Management & Boards of Director

  • Sexual Harassment

Do you see a pattern?   We don’t just teach, or lecture, give a class, and pass on information.  We want you and your people to learn, have fun, remember and apply the program.  We focus on development – with a purpose – achieving the results you desire. 

For detailed program synopsis request our Training Programs Brochure

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